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Eye See Eye Learn – Eye Exams For Junior Kindergarten


Little girl outside in front of green leaves in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Is your child starting Junior Kindergarten in New Brunswick? If so, he or she is eligible for a comprehensive eye exam by one of our optometrists, completely covered by NB Health. If your child needs glasses, he or she will receive a complimentary pair of glasses. Studies have shown that nearly 25% of all school-aged children need glasses.

Just show your child’s health card. There are no out of pocket expenses.

Every year, thousands of children start school without having a comprehensive eye exam by an eye doctor. Eye See . . . Eye Learn was designed to help raise awareness of the importance of children’s eye exams.

Studies have shown that 80% of learning comes through vision. If your child is having trouble seeing the board, focusing on pictures or words in a book, then he or her learning will suffer, and will not be learning to their full potential.